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Product Name:FVDI J2534 Diagnostic Tool for Ford & Mazda Support Online Module Programming
Product Type:FVDI J2534
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Product Description

Newest FVDI J2534 Diagnostic Tool for Ford & Mazda Support Online Module Programming

FVDI J2534 is a vehicle communication interface device that full compatible with SAE J2534-1 and partly compatible with SAE J2534-2 .It supports most of vehicle communication protocols and can be used as PassThru device for many dealer level diagnostic software. And it can be used as a ELM327 device also,support most of ELM327 software.

Top 7 Reasons to Get FVDI J2534:

1. High speed host communication.(3 Mbps)
2. Stable host communication.(with RTS/CTS flow control)
3. Automatically register software and no virtual machine needed.
4. Online software update and keep software latest always.
5. Online firmware update.
6. USB 802.11 selectable host communication.
7. Support ELM327 software by one device.




FVDI J2534 Support Softwares:

J2534 Ford IDS V111.03
Mazda IDS V111.03
Toyota TIS V13.00.022
Land Rover/Jaguar SDD2 V154.01

FVDI J2534 Support ELM327 Softwares:


FVDI J2534 Comparison Table with other Devices

FVDI J2534 VS. Ford/Mazda IDS:
Functions FVDI J2534 Genuine VCM 2 Other Devices Comments
Automatically startup without license √ × × 
No virtual machine needed √ √ × 
Support online Modules Programming √ √ × 
Support online PATS/RKE learning √ √ × 
Support SAE J1850 PWM 83.3K baud rate √ √ × 
Support FEPS 18V programming voltage √ √ √ 
Support FEPS 5-20V adjustable voltage √ √ × 
Support Reading Programming voltage √ √ × 
Support EEC-V multiple items data logger √ √ × MY 1994-2000 Ford
Support PTEC multiple items data logger √ √ √ MY 2000-2006 Ford
Support SAE J1850 module programming √ × × MY 1995-2006 Ford
Support power balance performance test √ √ × MY 1995-2006 Ford
Support CANBUS module programming √ √ √ MY 2006-2018 Ford
Support online software update √ × × Keep software latest
Calculate incode pre-2010 for free √ × × 
FVDI J2534 VS. Toyota TIS:
Function FVDI
J2534 Genuine
OTC Other
Devices Comments
Automatically startup without license ●     
No virtual machine needed ● ● ● 
Support ISO15765 vehicle diagnostic ● ● ● 
Support ISO14230 vehicle diagnostic ● ●   MY1995~2006 Toyota
Support online software update ●     Keep software latest
Calculate smart system reset PIN for free ●     
FVDI J2534 Support Protocols:

ISO9141 IS014230               
J1850 VPW
J1850 PWM(Ford SCP)
IS011898 HS(500K BPS)
IS011898 MS(125K BPS)
IS015765 HS(500K BPS)
IS015765 MS(125K BPS)
FEPS(Flash EEPROM Program Signal)

FVDI J2534 Specifications:

L*W*H:                                  76mm*54mm*22mm
Environmental:                      -20℃-45℃(-4℉-113℉) at 15% to 85%
Voltage Requirements:         8-32V DC,10 mA(max),0.6W @ 12V DC non-condensing
Vehicle Connection:              Molded DLC3(OBDII-16)

FVDI J2534 Appearance Details:

FVDI J2534
Work normal: Green LED blinks continuously slowly Firmware updating: Red LED blinks continuously quickly

PS Push Switch:
Pressed: works as ELM327 mode Released: works as J2534 mode

Package List:

1set x FVDI J2534
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