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Product Name:BOSCH KT660 car fault detector car computer intelligent diagnostic instrument decoder
Product Type:BOSCH KT660
Product Category:Car Diagnostic Tool
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Product Description

KT660 is a perfect integrated product of automotive electronics application technology and information network technology. It has advanced features such as portable hand-held operation, structurization, standardization, and sustainable development. It is used in a large number of market-leading technologies. The product has a 7-inch large-screen LCD display, LAN Ethernet. , USB2.0 high speed communication, large and small TF card, Linux smart operating system and so on.
The KT660 intelligent diagnostic instrument retains the advantages of KT600 of the original Kinder products, innovative and innovative vehicle maintenance, data stream values, waveform display modes, data stream recording and comparison functions, advanced array technology, and a joint test. All 16-pin vehicles and other functions.

Processor: Dual Core, Cortex-A8
Operating system: LINUX
Display: 7'' 800*480LED True Color LCD
Working temperature: -10~45°C
Operating voltage: DC 7~32V
Memory: 512MB DDR2
Memory Card: 4G TF Card
Protection class: IP30
Network Interface: LAN
Wireless: WIFI (optional)
USB: High Speed USB Interface
OBD II Connector: Standard OBD II Connector
■ Dual CPU makes product operation more stable and fast
■ Bosch industry and quality, new shell material makes the product more resistant
■ Model database based on Bosch standards development
■ The diagnostic model and depth have greatly improved
■ Supports automatic scanning of electronic control systems such as Volkswagen, Toyota, and Nissan cars
■ New one-button maintenance function, quickly completes car maintenance reset
■ New public maintenance guidelines, BMW rapid test function
■ Advanced Function/Match Function Usage Guide
■ Optional brand and model download upgrade
■ Diagnostic Mode Provides Auto Repair Assistance
■ One-click auto upload feedback report after networking
■ Freeze frame help and one-click clear all trouble codes
■ Data flow display supports numerical values, waveforms, and control displays
■ Support data stream recording and comparison
■ Comprehensive support for OBDII five protocols and nine test modes
■ Universal OBDII test fittings for all 16Pin diagnostic seat models






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