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Product Name:WiFi Endoscope Camera 8mm Lens Mini Camera HD1200P Soft Rigid Cable Waterproof Wifi Inspection Borescope for Android Iphone
Product Type:WiFi Endoscope
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Product Description


Features and specifications:

Key features:

• Can record video and audio, files will be directly stored to your phone
• Convenient observation and follow-up analysis
• Light button used to control 8 LED lights to work in dark areas
• IP67 waterproof camera
• Can be quickly connected to various types of  smartphone
• Ideal for intraoral camera systems, underwater camera,waterproof micro-cameras, motor vehicle detector, sewer pipeline detector ,search and rescue, criminal and customs detector, archaeological detection, PCB detection, home care, aviation and space industries, care and tractors industries, petroleum drilling industries, construction, and so on.

Model: F150
Lens diameter: 8.0mm
Resolution: 1600X1200
Sensor size: 1/5 inch
View angle: 70°
Frame rate: 30fps
Focal distance: 5-10CM
Waterproof: IP67
Working temperature: 0°-70°C
Power: built-in 800mAh lithium battery
Working time: 90 minutes
Image format: MJPEG
Video format: MP4
Color: Black
Cable length: 1m/2m/3.5m/5m/10m


1) The lens does not auto-focus.

2) The best resolution distance is 5-10 cm. The resolution reduces when the distance is farther or closer.



ONE: Scan the QR CODE to download the app.

TWO: Power on the Wifi transmitter.

THREE: Connect the camera with the Wifi transmitter.

FOUR: Connect the wifi signal of your phone, which is transmited by the product.

FIVE: Open the app, then you could see the image.


WIFI Endoscope

Explore unknown areas

WIFI Inspection Endoscope

Support android/Iphone/Tablet/Ipad

8LEDs+1200p Lens

Make The Details Clearly Displayed

8mm Lens

Ultra Thin Lens, Ultra-wide Application

8 adjustable LED light

Ideal for working in dark areas

3nd Gen Chip

Make The Image processing Faster

One-click to take photo

800mAh battery

Up To 90 Minutes Of Using Time

Focal length: 5-10CM

The difference between hard cable and soft cable

IP67 international waterproof standard

High Quality Cable

Copper core makes the fast image transmission

USB 2.0 interface

Connect with PC directly

Practical accessories

Convenient for picking up small items



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