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Product Name:Air Tool Set Air Impact Wrench
Product Type:Air Tool Set
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Product Details
1 Three kinds of Blade 2 Pneumatic shovel spring 3 Screw sleeve:10,11,12,13,14,15,17,19,22,24,27mm
4 Pneumatic grinding machine 5 Pneumatic shovel 6 Adapter: 1/2 inch to 3/8 inch
7 European standard air inlet connector 8 Three kinds of grinding heads 9 Wrench
10 Extension rod 11 68n.m Air ratchet wrench 12 900n.m Pneumatic torque wrench

900N.M Pneumatic Wrench


No-load speed :
Maximum torque:
Net Weight:
Intake connector:
Working pressure:
4-speed adjustment / forward and reverse switch
Air consumption:
Number of blades:
6 pcs
Length of blades:
Stainless steel 
Bolt capacity:



1. The speed of the machine is 7000 rpm, please keep the air inlet clean and prevent the sand from entering the product.
2. It is recommended to use a water separator and drain regularly to keep the inside of the machine dry.
3. If it is not used for a long time, please drop 2-3 drops of lubricant before the next use, and let the wrench rotate for 30s without load.

68N.M Air ratchet wrench


Size: 1/2inch  No-load speed: 160(rpm/min)
Maximum Torque: 68 N.m Net Weight: 1.2kg
Inlet Connector: 1/4inch  Working pressure: 6-8bar
Length: 260mm Gas demand:  85L/min
Bolt Capacity:  M10mm      

Air shovel


Brand: FUJIWARA No-load speed: 4500(rpm/min)
Exhaust method: Front row  Net Weight: 1.2kg
Intake connector: 1/4inch  Intake pressure: 6-8bar
Gas consumption: 110L/min    

Pneumatic grinding machine


Clip size 6mm No-load speed 27000 rpm/min
Air consumption 95L/min Weight 0.62kg
Length 175mm Working pressure 90psi
Air inlet size 1/4 inch Venting mode Tail exhaust
Accessories Small wrench, European standard connector    


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