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Product Name:LAUNCH TLT830WA Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift
Product Type:LAUNCH TLT830WA
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Product Description

LAUNCH TLT830WA Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift
Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift (Rated Capacity:3Ton) used for lifting light vehicles under 3.0 tons for vehicle test, service, four-wheel alignment, maintenance or cleaning.

TLT830WA Features

● In-ground and on-ground installation are optional.

● Double scissors lift, with the front wheel turntable positions, rear wheel side sliding plate and scissor type secondary lifting, suitable for the four-wheel alignment.

● Hydraulic interlocking and Anti-explosion safety device makes  it stable and reliable operation.

● Bilateral hydraulic synchronizing system ensures high synchronization performance.

● Widened secondary lift’s runway design ,more applicable for vehicles with different wheel track.

● Travel limit safety device ,protects machine from being damaged.

● Oil hose anti-explosion device.

● CE-STOP function with safety alarm beep would automatically warn operators to keep safe distance from lift when it lowers to 400mm high from ground.

● All moving points adopt automatic lubricating oil-free bearing for ensuring long lifespan.

● CE certificated.

TLT830WA Parameters 

● Rated load:3000kg

● Lifting height:1850mm

● Secondary lifting height:450mm

● Initial height:340mm

● Lifting time:≤60s

● Secondary lifting time:≤30s

● Lowering time:≥20s

● Secondary lowering time:≥12s

● Runway width:605mm

● Runway length:4500mm

● Secondary runway length:1400mm

● Side slip plate length :1660mm

● Advised distance between runways: 780mm

● Safety method:Mechanical lock +pneumatic release

● Motor power:2.2kW

● Motor voltage:3 phase/380v or Single phase/220V
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