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Product Name:LAUNCH X-831E fixed 3D four wheel aligner
Product Type:LAUNCH X-831E
Product Category:Popular Garage Tools
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Product Description


LAUNCH X-831E fixed 3D four wheel aligner




Product parameters

Power supply: AC voltage 1PH AC220V±10% 50Hz

Host: Yuanzheng custom brand machine

Display: Great Wall 24-inch color LCD

Toe angle: test range 0~±20o

Camber angle: test range 0~±20o

Kingpin internal tilt: test range 0~±20o

Main pin backwards: test range 0~±20o

Thrust angle: test range 0~±5o

Measurable rim size: 10′′~23′′


1. Using a second-generation industrial HD lens with high-resolution, multi-processor camera technology, it can provide accurate and vivid positioning data and test diagnostic data;

2. High precision, waterproof, anti-drop, passive target;

3. Optional dual-screen display and high-definition intelligent on-board image assist system;

4. The test platform is adaptive, and the test platform does not need to be level, as long as the target is in the visible range;

5. Using dynamic machine vision algorithm technology, real-time and dynamic measurement of vehicle data;

6. The industry's shortest micro-distance cart, and the cart process does not need to pause, fast and labor-saving;

7. The software is easy to operate and provides real-time help, and the basic four-wheel positioning parameters can be read in two minutes;

8. Equipment maintenance is simple and does not require regular calibration;

9. Super-large model database, with the original data of more than 40,000 models worldwide, and the update speed is fast, support user-defined model data addition;

10. Record and save customer files in real time for easy query and comparison of historical data.
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