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Product Name:Automotive Smoke Leak Detector of Pipe Systems for Motorcycle/Cars/SUVs/Truck Smoke Leakage Tester
Product Type:Automotive Smoke Leak Detector
Product Category:Popular Garage Tools
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Product Description

SDT-106 is designed for detecting the leakage of pipe systems on cars, motorcycles, such as fuel pipe, air intake system and cooling tank.
SDT-106 is for all pipe systems, including EVAP.






Working principle:
create smoke through the equipment and sent smoke to sealed car pipeline system
(Such as air intake systems, exhaust systems, fuel systems, air conditioning systems, etc.)
Where there is smoke in the pipeline, there is a leak
With smoke detectors to check the car pipeline, will not have impact on the car system.
1.When you use this detector the first time, please fill 20-30ml oil, not beyond this range.
2.New oil can be filled with only when the smoke is light, and it can’t be filled over 15ml every time.
3.Before filling new oil, please pour out the remaining oil in the detector.
4.Please replace the detector oil regularly.
Product Information:
  Power: DC12V, vehicle battery
  Smoke output value: 6l/min
  Built-in air supply
How to use:
1.Open the engine cover, and hang the detector in the cover.
2.Disconnect the pipe that needs to be connected with detector. If the pipe needs to be disconnected in the middle.
Please secure the other side with a rubber stopple.
3.Secure this side with proper taper stopple/pipe, and connect it with smoke output tube.
4.Connect detector with DC12V battery: red with positive, black with negative. Do not connect in a contrary way.
5.Turn on the power switch, and detector starts to work.
6.In about 3 minutes, the pipe will be filled with smoke. Check the leak points. Please use head lamp if necessary.
7.After leak detection, please connect well the wires and pipe.
       * Please do leak detection away from smoke-sensitive parts.
       * Do not run the detector over 8 minutes. It needs interval rest.
       * The detector has protector. If it exceeds working limit, it will power off automatically. In this condition, please operate it later.
       * The round parts of this detector is with temperature, be careful to avoid scalding injury.
Packing List:
1.Main Unit
3.Rubber stopples
4.Taper stopple
5.Taper pipe
6.30ml oil bottle
7. User manual
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