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Product Name:Automatic Transmission Oil Change Machine
Product Type:UR63DT
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Product Description

a kind of maintenance equipment about automatic transmission with great performance. It can complete the job of cleaning the automatic transmission and ATF equivalent replacement conveniently, quickly and accurately. The LCD operator panel provides a very friendly platform to clients. Graphic simulation of oil tank can display the oil level in new and old oil tank accurately, vividly in real time; Accurate equivalent real-time control scheme can guarantees the accuracy of equivalent replacement front and back. It can automatically complete the oil change in the transmission in a very short time. It is an essential equipment to improve transmission working performance and maintain transmission deeply.


2.  Features
 Automatic gearbox to complete the replacement of old and new oil function ;
 Automatic type Electronic control of old and new oil exchange the same amount of precision ;
 Automatic transmission cycle cleaning function ;
 Automatic filling ATF function ;
 Automatic reduce ATF function ;
 Gearbox oil radiator visual display ;
 LCD display, user-friendly operation , convenient and practical ;
 Variety of special fittings for Europe, the Americas , Asia cars ;
 Effective solution to replace the manual gearbox is not complete problem ;
 Improve transmission performance ;
 Extend transmission life

3.  Specifications
 Voltage: DC12V
 Max Power: 150W
 Environment Temperature: -10~+40°C
 Relative Humility: <85%
 Pressure Gauge: 0~150psi
 Filter Accuracy: 5μm
 Oil Tank: 20L×2
 Equivalent Replacement Error: ±100ml
 Noise: <70db

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