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Product Name:Common Rail injector Tester Kit,CRI200 Support magnetic and piezo injector test+SH60 common rail nozzle injector Tester
Product Type:Common Rail injector Tester Kit
Product Category:Popular Garage Tools
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Product Description

new type CRI200 High pressure common rail injector tester Support magnetic and piezo injectors

We have the user manual in Russian language,if you need it,please contact me without hesitation.

Brief introduction
CRI200 high pressure common rail injector tester function is used to drive common rail injector, while providing for Bossch,  for Densso, for Delpphi and other common rail injector control signal to drive the high pressure common rail injector to work, drive signal parameters can be carried out by the user according to their actual situation, and can be saved grouped for easy maintenance personnel to high pressure common rail injector in working condition to judge different conditions and maintenance.Support test  injector resistance
Technical Parameters:
1.Produce Model:    Common Rail Injector Tester
2.Testing Range:  atomization, pilot, emission and full load condition.
3.Test Injectors:   Used Test  for BOsSCH,  for   DENnSO,  for    DELPHhI, for   PIZEO, for   DENSsO2
4.Injector conditions:  CL ,VL , VE , LL ,TL, U1,U2
5.Pulse width: 100 ~ 3000uS;
6.Injection frequency: 1 ~ 30Hz
7.injector counting time: 0-2000 times
8.Working Voltage: AC220V/AC110V
9.Working Temperature:    -30C°——70C°
As show below:




Display interface:




1.Select the type of injector:


2.Current Injector conditions:


3.the injector count method:

    T: according to the number of counts;

4.injector counting time:

T: 0-2000 times

5. injection signs: icon display indicates the beginning of the injector fuel injection;

6.pulse width: 100 ~ 3000uS;

7.injection frequency: 1 ~ 30Hz

8.the count flag: Icon display indicates the injector start counting;

How to test a injector by  this kit

1.Frist open the box and put out the S60H



2. Assembly the S60H,As the follow picture


3. Put out the CRI200


4. Connect the cable of the injector, as show in the picture is Bosch injector 



5. Finish connect the cable,and open the power button


6.  The CRI200 interface


7.  Selcet the injector by turn left or right ADJ button  ,and select the work Mode by MODE button  

8.then press the S60H handle ,and the fuel pressure will increase, when get the enough 

fuel pressure  ,then press ON/OFF button  or COUNTE button at CRI200,  then the injector will  start shot.









what's the meaning of the work Mode 


CL Cleaning Injector
LT Leak test
VL Full load test
TL Emissions / medium speed test
LL Idle test
VE Pre-injection test
U1,U2 Custom condition


How to use counte function 

 Press down the ADJ  button, select the crusor at  T:1000 , then turn right or left the ADJ button to turn up or turn down the counte vaule, 

then press the COUNTE botton ,the injector will work  counte times,then stop.










The Back of the interface




1.   Electromagnetic injector :  2PIN interface 

2.   Piezo injector   :   4PIN interface 

3.   Count switch terminal   :   3PIN interfa



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