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Product Name:RED4 ZEXEL edc pump tester
Product Type:RED4 ZEXEL edc pump tester
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Product Description

This product can check the RED4 electronic governor of the in-line pump produced by all the Japanese Zexel. The product performance and the check data are the same with the orginal imported control box, it can substitute imported products. This product adopt the wide input switching power suppl,high-speed master-chip ARM7 and import original integrated circuits, it can able to complete all of the check featrues of RED4, is the ideal equipment for checking the RED4 electronic governor.

1. Power supply voltage: AC~ 220V 50Hz;
2. Voltage Power: <200W; show: four high-brightness digital tube;
4. control range: 5% ~ 95%;
5. control precision: ± 0.1%;
6. Preset 4 files: 5%, 16.25%, 72.5%, 95%.


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