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Product Name:Automotive fuel injector cleaning machine
Product Type:Automotive fuel injector cleaning machine
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simply Automotive fuel injector cleaning machine cleaning tool
The common fuel injector cleaning machine of repair shop, with several cleaning fluid will be contaminated with contaminated cleaning solution to wash the injector nozzle can cause stuck or blocked, causing service compensation,while always replace the cleaning fluid is very costly.
The common non-demolition bottle washing machine of repair shop, when in use can not be clearly seen atomizing nozzle case is blocked, poor atomization, drip oil spills, and so failure closed lax phenomenon.
Therefore, we recommend use of this cleaning tool. It is clean, fast and convenient.The advantage is not contaminated fuel injectors, you can clearly see the shape of the atomizing nozzle, clogging or normally open spill. Some people say expensive, in fact, you wash nozzle work costs more than one hundred, enough to buy it, you have it in front of the wash nozzle customers will be more confident, more grades, customers feel that you are very professional !

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