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Product Name:Automotive circuit short and Open tracker
Product Type:Automotive circuit short and Open tracker
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Automotive circuit short and Open tracker 
It is designed to identify and trace wires or cables without damaging the insulation, you just simply attach the sender unit to the circuitand follow the wires using the detector.Find short and open circuits fast and easily.
There are a sender and a receiver included in the instrument
 product description :
short circuit / circuit-opening detection is car circuit detection problem , sometimes up but detection protracted often , for car electrician said , more time is for electric fault detection , especially accident car short circuit fault circuit-opening , the type fault detection up very hard , even experienced maintenance personnel roughly also can only the judgment of a few points may , end to go ldquo . caratch rdquo . this section of circuit , but without experience maintenance personnel , is a a go ldquo . stroked rdquo . so consuming , but not be effective , jh330 car short circuit / circuit-opening detection instrument is specially designed for detection car circuit developed detection instrument , and get the 2004 year market auto maintenance ldquo . 20 stalility rdquo . repair tool
its main usage :
 1 Find express car short circuit line o'clock .
2 Find express car circuit breaking line o'clock .
3 the dadiao tracking conductor .                
4 the dadiao fast lookups conductor soaking-out .
composition :
transmitter ,
tracking device ,
operation manual









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