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Product Name:D602 Portable Digital Oscilloscope 200KHz Double Channel
Product Type:D602 Portable Digital Oscilloscope
Product Category:Oscilloscope
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Product Description

New Oscilloscope Portable Digital Oscilloscope D602 200KHz Double Channel & 3.2 Inch LCD+Touch Panel Multi-function

D602 functional features:
1.    Big TFT screen, 3.2 inch LCD,240*400 pixel.
2.    bandwidth 200KHz,1MHz samplerate.
3.    double channel input,enable/disable channel.
4.    touch panel.
5.    small but multi function.
6.    12 bit ADC.
7.    1Khz square wave output
8.    Language: Chinese/English select on menu.
Input voltage with X1:+10V
Input voltage with X10:+100V
Input style:AC/DC
ADC samplerate: 1MHz
waveform output:DC5V 1KHz.
Before machine on,mack sure power input is DC9V, if right then can on the machine.
matters need attent
machine on later,work interface will display,catch double probe,.short probe input with the gnd clamp.make sure waveform display align with triangle indication,if align then can contiune work,else not align check zero.
The probe have a switch on probe head,can switch X1,X10,when on X1,input resistor is 1M ohm,if X10, input resistor is 10M ohm, x1 input cannot over 10V, X10 input cannot over100V.









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