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Product Name:LCD GSM Home Alarm System
Product Type:LCD GSM Home Alarm System
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Product Description

System Introduction:
GSM SMS auto-dial alarm system with powerful functions.Large Color LCD  screen with english menu indication and Voice Prompt function make the operation easier.It can call user's phone number by GSM when it alarming.Listening-in function is available for users by using mobile phone and telephone.This alarm system is widely used for security protecting,data surveying and remote monitoring in families,shops,villas, financial offices,residential estates and department of electricity, petroleum,coal,goverment,public security and so on.


1.Apply advanced mobile communication technology,support SMS and dialing alarm.
2.8 wired defense zones and 99 wireless defense zones.
3.At most 5 wireless remote control codes.
4.LCD display.Built-in clock.Operate easily.
5.Sound prompt for all operations.
6.SMS prompt automatically about low power of battery.
7.SMS prompt when AC power lost or recovered.
8.Built-in intercom horn,walkie talkie can be realized.
9.Built-in wireless transmitting module,could be coding with wireless siren and appliance.
10.1 group of timely Arm and Disarm timing function.
11.Can store 6 group of phone numbers:when alarming,system will makes alarm call to these numbers automatically.
12.Can store 2 group of SMS numbers:when alarming,system will send alarming SMS to these numbers automatically.
13.Can store 2 alarm center telephones.
14.10 seconds recording.
15.Built-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer.
16.Built-in SMS message,could be send alarm message automatically when alarm.
17.Users can make calls by using keypad on alarm panel,just like a telephone.
18.One-key-control function:Out Arm,Home Arm,Remote Arm.
19.Real-time,delay.24 hours,by pass defense zones programming function.
20.Wireless coding:easy to add additional wireless accessories.
21.Remote control arm,disarm,montior,and intercom by phone.
22.Event Log Query:host automatically records 40 pcs of all information concerning arm,disarm and alarm events.
23.Multi-type of arm:Remote control arm,out arm,home arm,timed arm,arm by phone.
24.Built-in AAA NI-MH rechargeable battery:make alarm when power off.
25.Comply with GB12663-2001 national standard.
26.Compatible with ADEMCO contact ID digital communication protocol.



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Working procedure



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