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Product Name:Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master with Functions For landrover/CAS/FEM/BDC/ISN/35160/Fujitsu/MQB/MMC/FRM/refresh
Product Type:Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master
Product Category:Car Key Programmer
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Product Description

ACDP(Automotive Cloud Diagnosis Programmer) is the newest  and best

tool in the world for auto key programming and mileage correction .


Main Features:

1,no need to  remove chip

2,no need soldering/welding

3,no need to cut the line

4,no need to lift the pin 

5,connects with your Iphone/Android/or PC




yanhua-mini-acdp-programming-master-bmw-cas4-fem-bdcyanhua-mini-acdp-programming-master-functionyanhua-mini-acdp-programming-master-icp (1)yanhua-mini-acdp-programming-master-mcu



The above offer is a set for basic module plus Jaguar/LandRover KVM Module.

Basic module+Jaguar/LandRover KVM module.

Free tokens and update for the whole service life!
Different modules with functions:

Basic module:the programmer, it can read and write all 8-pin IC and some CPU without soldering.

Module 1:BMW CAS1CAS2CAS3CAS3+CAS4CAS4+Key Programming /Mileage Reset
Module 2:BMW FEM/BDC Key Programming /Mileage Reset , Reset Module, Backup/Write IMMO data
Module 3:Read BMW DME ISN code ( Necessary when All-key-lost)
Module 4:Read/Write BMW3508035160DOWT,even can change mileage for 35160!
Module 5:Fujitsu CPU MB91F (Honda, Hyundai, KIA K3/K5, etc.) Mileage adjustment
Module 6:MQB/MMC instrument,Support parts of VDO mileage adjustment of VW MOQ platform via OBD and  Passat MMC (NEC D70F3525 + 95320) instrument  adjustment  after year 2015 by ICP.
Module 7:Refresh BMW keys,supports E/F chassis key refresh so that can program again.
Module 8:FRM Footwell module,Readwrite OL15Y/3M25J chip. The FRM controls the vehicle Daytime Running Light, Car Window, Headlight, Battery,Indscreen Wiper,etc.
Moudle 9:Supports Land Rover from year 2015 till now key programming.No need to cut crystal oscillator, IMMO code,and solder. Reading/writing data and programming keys in one programmer!
Support IOS,ANDROID, PC by connecting to WIFI and bluetooth.

module 2


Easy installation and operation:


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