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Product Name:X6 automatic key cutting machine
Product Type:X6 automatic key cutting machine
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2013 Champion locksmith X6 automatic key cutting machine keyless milling machine /slica key cutting machine
The Automatic X6 key cutting machine

Main function :
can be used with the key keyless condition,
Lightweight and portable, battery-powered DC electrical impulse is very suitable to go out to work.
1) Mainly used have the key with keyless lost data with the key. When there is a key, simply follow the steps to enter
the number or read key teeth tooth number, you can make a new key. When a key is lost, just follow the prompts,
enter the appropriate number of head lock, you can make a new key.
2) It is also can according your requirement ,through the intelligent choice to make key tooth depth. Easy to use,
suitable for a variety of automotive lock key.
3) USB cable data transfer, compatible with a variety of key database
4) Quick change guide pin and cutter
5) Modular design, easy maintenance (Quick Change Module)
6) English menu. Configuration: one PCS English manual.
1 PCS 2.5mm dedicated mills. 2 PCS Dedicated probe,1 pcs Spare belt.
one PCS USB data cable and one set Electrical impulse







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